About Us

My Homz is India’s biggest incorporated stage for Real Estate and Mortgages and one of the quickest developing Proptech stages in UAE, the Rest of the Middle East, Australia, and Canada. My Homz stage offers a collective shopper experience. It covers the entire land venture from search and revelation, exchanges, home advances, insides, rentals, property the board, and post-deals administration – completely incorporating purchasers to a broad organization of 500+ accomplice land designers, 150,000+ Agents, and 100+ banks and NBFCs. My Homz likewise constructs B2B problematic SaaS stages for partners like Developers, Banks, and Agents.

My Homz today positions in the leading 20 purchaser tech new companies in India as far as GTV (~USD1bn), top 50 as far as income (~USD50mn) and is among the modest bunch of customer tech new businesses in India which are beneficial. My Homz has accomplished a critical scale in only six years and is one of only a handful of few Indian new companies that have effectively extended worldwide. It has a direct presence in 20+ urban areas all around the world and has more than 5000+ representatives across 9 Countries – one of only a handful few Indian new businesses to have changed effectively to the Global scene, with more than a quarter of incomes coming from the worldwide business sectors like the Middle East, Australia, and Canada.

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